Vallarasu (Vijayakanth) is the Deputy Commissioner of Police and a very honest police officer who has arrested Wasim Khan (Mukesh Rishi), a terrorist from Pakistan. He has a wife Anjali (Devayani) and 2 children. Vallarasu kills his senior police officer (Raghuvaran), who is his father-in-law, on knowing he is hand-in-glove with terrorists and anti-national elements. Anjali leaves Vallarasu after she comes to know he had killed her father. Vallarasu takes the help of some youths (including Sriman) who are disillusioned by their inability to join the police force to fight the terrorists and other criminal elements. Vallarasu fights R. Kandasamy (P. Vasu), a rich man who is behind the attempts to destabilize the country. With the help of Seshadri (Karan), a software engineer, Vallarasu succeeds in killing Kandasamy’s son. In retaliation, Kandaswamy attacks Raheem (Sriman) and Seshadri, who both die. In the climax, Anjali unites with Vallarasu after knowing the truth, and he kills both Kandasamy and Wasim Khan.

Vallarasu 2000 Tamil Movie Online Watch in 720p

Release Date: 14 April 2000
Director: N. Maharajan
Casts: Devayani, Karan, Mansoor Ali Khan
Quality: 720p HD
IMDb Ratings: 5.8