The story takes place in Panimalai, a hill city, during a spring season. The film begins with RJ Balaji coming to Panimalai to be a guest of a live radio show. In the middle of the show, he starts coughing severely and suddenly loses his voice. He is diagnosed with a new type of virus called the mute flu that causes sudden muteness and sometimes even death.
Aravindh (Dulquer Salman) is a sales representative working with a glue company. His dream is to become a radio jockey, and he even attends interviews with a FM station. As the mute flu spreads across the city, the state government sends Health Minister Sundaralingam (Pandiarajan) to Panimalai to take care of the situation. The people are asked to undergo a medical checkup to check whether they are affected by the virus or not. Aravindh goes to the hospital and meets Anjana (Nazriya Nazim), a junior doctor, who believes that talking is the only cause of all the problems in the world and if people keep things to themselves things will be very fine. Anjana is in a relationship with Vinodh (Abhinav), a possessive guy who always commands her on what she should do and what she should wear. Anjana lives with her father and stepmother Vidhya (Madhoo). Since Anjana lost her mother at a young age, she is reluctant to accept Vidhya as her mother, though she is a sweet and caring woman, and always maintains a distance from her. Vidhya is an aspiring writer who is trying to get her husband’s (Abhishek Shankar) attention and support to write her third book. Her husband finds no time to talk to her as he is too busy with his work.

Vaayai Moodi Pesavum 2014 Tamil Movie Online Watch in 720p

Release Date: 25 April 2014
Director: Balaji Mohan
Casts: Dulquer Salmaan, Nazriya Nazim, Madhoo
Quality: 720p HD
IMDb Ratings: 6.7