Vidyapati is a mute who lives a poor lifestyle with his widower father in the Ashwarayapur region. One day Devi Maa Saraswati appears before him, blesses him, gives him intelligence as well as his vocal chords, so that he can sing her praises, as well as spread the word knowledge is the best virtue and boon for human beings. Maalya is a coward who also lives a poor lifestyle, who, in turn, is blessed by Devi Maa Parvati, who gives him courage and strength, so that he can sing her praises as well as spread the word that strength is indeed the best boon for human beings. Maalya instantly becomes strong, defeats the regions’ two top wrestlers single-handedly, and becomes famous overnight. Ashwarayapati is a beggar, who is blessed with infinite riches by Devi Maa Lakshmi, so that she can spread the word that Wealth is the best boon for human beings. She is subsequently crowned the Queen of Ashwarayapur. She hears of Vidyapati, meets him, hears him sing, is pleased, attempts to reward him, and also wants him to sing for her in her palace, but he refuses both. Angered, she drives home her horse-driven carriage, almost meets with an accident, but is rescued by Maalya. She then decides to make Maalya her Senapati, and also invites Vidyapati to her palace. Maalya accepts the position, Vidyapati accepts the invitation but humiliates her even more and she has him imprisoned. Little do these three know that their live have seen improvements mainly due to Sage Narad’s mischievous prompting of Devi Maas’ Saraswati, Lakshmi, and Parvati, in a bid to find out who is more powerful of these three. These three mortals must now enter into a conflict and each must do their best to prove whether Knowledge (Saraswati), Wealth (Lakshmi), or Strength (Parvati) reigns supreme.

Saraswathi Sabatham 1966 Tamil Movie Online Watch in 720p

Release Date: 3 September 1966
Director: A.P. Nagarajan
Casts: Devika, Gemini Ganesan, Shivaji Ganesan
Quality: 720p HD
IMDb Ratings: 7.6