One morning in his house, Saravanan receives his ex-girlfriend Meera’s wedding invitation. He and his friend Paarthasarathy aka Paartha leave for Pondicherry to attend the wedding via car. En route, Saravanan recollects his past: He was a ruthless youth working in a film theatre with Paartha. He lives with his parents; his father, Varadharajan, who is educated and works as a college professor and his mother, Shenbagam, who is uneducated and is trying to pass an exam, just to get her college degree. One day in traffic, he sees Meera, a girl training to be an air hostess and falls for her on site. He follows her to a cloth shop and also to her Air Hostess class. He saw her house and he and Partha go to her house, as Meera calls them. There, Meera threatens Saravanan by showing her father’s photo, who is a Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), Mahendra Kumar. But still, Saravanan follows her and asks her to love him. Meera takes him to Mahendra Kumar’s office and he asks Saravanan to stop following Meera. Meera tells Saravanan that she has some qualifications required by her lover like shaving regularly, dressing well, breaking his friendship with Paartha, coming on time, etc. Saravanan tells this to Partha and Partha asks him if he or Meera is best for him. Saravanan tells him Meera is more important to him than Paartha, causing a break between Saravanan’s and Paartha’s friendship.
Later, Saravanan joins Paartha’s broken love and asks him to rejoin his love. Partha agrees and then they go to Mumbai, following Meera in a flight. There, Meera alas tells him that she loves Saravanan. After some months, Meera calls Saravanan once, but he does not pick up the phone and tells Paartha that Meera is not his real love and it is all nothing, but a drama. But, he really said that for fun. But, Paartha had accidentally switched on the phone while Saravanan told him all this. Meera, mistaking him for intentionally misusing her, comes there and breaks their love. Now, at Pondicherry, during Meera’s marriage, both Saravanan and Partha end up drunk and tell a small story, in a comical way describing the broken love of Saravanan and Meera. Just as the marriage is going to happen, Rajini Murugan, a local don, comes there with a pregnant girl and his girlfriend and reveals that Meera’s groom has a girlfriend, who is pregnant by him and that the girl Rajini Murugan is with, is that girl. The groom admits to his mistake and reunites with his old girlfriend. Saravanan and Paartha walk off the marriage hall, just then Meera comes and hugs Saravanan, hence reuniting with him.

Oru Kal Oru Kannadi 2012 Tamil Movie Online Watch in 720p

Release Date: 13 April 2012
Director: M. Rajesh
Casts: Udhayanidhi Stalin, Hansika Motwani, Santhanam
Quality: 720p HD
IMDb Ratings: 6.2