Muniyandi (Bharath), a third year undergraduate zoology student and the son of Muthumani (Ponvannan), who happens to be student canteen contractor of the same college. He meets Madhumitha (Poorna), the demure young daughter of a local bigwig Ramaiyya (L. Raja), who gives first priority only to the members of his caste. Madhu makes a coquettish play for all of Muni’s friends including Sorimuthu Ayyanar (Vadivelu), a part-time witch-doctor, who is also peon of the college, dressed complete with bells and saffron cloth regalia, but hits it off with him first. Following a heated skirmish in the caste-dominated college elections, the two fall in love. But everything goes topsy-turvy when, once Madhu’s marriage is arranged, she turns around and says that she was never in love with Muni in the first place. Furious, Muni thrashes her with his slippers and sets fire to her father’s coconut grove. Though she never reveals to this incident to anyone, Muni, on the other hand, discovers the secret behind his brother’s death. Muni’s brother was killed when he tries to help his friend who is in love with a girl of the other caste. Muni participates in college elections to go against Madhu’s words. On the day of nomination, Muni realizes that Madhu loves him truly, but had reverted from her feelings due to the request from his father to save his life. Muni convinces college students from conducting election in college and put a stop caste game in college. Ramaiyya and the other caste head were supposed to be killed by Raju (Muni’s brother’s friend and the old girl’s lover), which Muni thwarts. Finally, Muni, with his father’s acceptance, returns to Madhu (who was waiting for him near the temple) and unites with her.

Muniyandi Vilangial Moonramandu 2008 Tamil Movie Online Watch in 720p

Release Date: 4 July 2008
Director: Thirumurugan
Casts: Bharath, Poorna, Vadivelu, Ponvannan
Quality: 720p HD
IMDb Ratings: