Gopalakrishnan (Pandiarajan), a clever cook from Coimbatore, moves to an apartment in Chennai. He becomes quickly popular and appreciated among the apartment’s women, however, their husbands get jealous of Gopalakrishnan. Meanwhile, he falls in love with Usha (Kushboo). He decides to marry her with the support of his neighbours. After the marriage, Usha has just learned that Gopalakrishnan was already married. Gopalakrishnan got married with a girl (Sindhu) but she was already pregnant and she eloped with her lover that very evening. Usha is upset and refuses to live with him. Later, Gopalakrishnan finds a forsaken baby (by his ex-wife) in a dustbin and leaves the baby to an orphanage. Gopalakrishnan’s father (Manivannan), an army officer, comes to live with his son and he helps his son to win back Usha’s heart.

Gopala Gopala 1996 Tamil Movie Online Watch in 720p

Release Date: 6 December 1996
Director: Pandiarajan
Casts: Pandiarajan, Kushboo, Manivannan, Janagaraj, Chithra, Venniradai Moorthy, Jyothi Meena, Charle, Kovai Sarala, Malaysia Vasudevan, Sindhu, Anju
Quality: 720p HD
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