It centers around Vennila’s (Reshma) connections with the 3 men in her life. Satheesh (Ajith Kumar) wins a college competition and becomes the object of Vennila’s ire. In a fit of pique, Vennila feigns love to him, gets him to marry her, and ditches him on the wedding night. The whole affair leaves Satheesh in a state of shock, and he is later hospitalised and gets into a deep coma. Santhosh (Vignesh) is a new entrant to the college. He chooses Vennila for his games of one-upmanship, leaving her puzzled as to his motive. Amar (Amar Siddique) is Vennila’s fiancé from abroad. She later realises he is a psychopath – an interesting scenario which had the potential to turn into a good suspense thriller. The script goes for a nosedive after Vennila finds she is pregnant, and is shocked since she has not had a physical relationship with any of the men. And then she realises it was the past catching up with her, and it was a planned vendetta by Satheesh’s dear ones.

Ennai Thalatta Varuvala 2003 Tamil Movie Online Watch in 720p

Release Date: 21 March 2003
Director: K.S. Raveendran
Casts: Jai Ganesh, Ajith Kumar, Raghuvaran
Quality: 720p HD
IMDb Ratings: 6.1