Indu and Chandru (Rambha and Karthik) fall in love. Indu does the disappearing act and Chandru gets engaged to Rekha (Mumtaz). Indu re-appears after three years with a little girl, who she claims is Chandru’s daughter. Chandru vehemently denies it and finding Indu’s presence an embarrassment tries to ferret out the truth. After many scenes of forced comedy, we learn that the girl is the illegitimate daughter of Chandru’s much-married brother, who had seduced Indu’s sister. After his brother’s futile attempt to play the villain, Chandru latches on to Indu fast enough with no apology to Rekha. But it is not really Chandru’s fault. For Rekha had done the disappearing act from the scene early enough without any explanation either.

Azhagana Naatkal 2001 Tamil Movie Online Watch in 720p

Release Date: 7 December 2001
Director: Sundar C.
Casts: Karthik, Rambha, Mumtaj
Quality: 720p HD
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