Rasu (Santhanam) and Mokkai (Ganja Karuppu) are youngsters sharing a hostel with a diverse group of people. Those people include Professor Mani (Madhan Bob), a staunch atheist Thanjai Rudran (Rajesh), a poet, and other unemployed, struggling men. Rasu, who works in a coffee shop, is in love with Mahishasuramardhini (Madhumitha), but she seemingly ignores all his advances. Rasu was even attacked by her brother after hanging around her house for extended periods of time. Mokkai, who is unemployed due to his lack of education, and does whatever job he can find, dreams of marrying his uncle’s daughter back in his village. After a particularly bad day where Mokkai is arrested and beaten by female police officers and Rasu’s lies of being in a well-paid job are uncovered (to Mahishasuramardhini’s disgust), the two are also kicked out of the hostel by the owner due to the inability to pay rent. On their last night, both vent their frustration at Kadavul (God) after heavy drinking. Both are shocked when Kadavul (Prakashraj) appears in front of them. Mistaking him for another unemployed fellow, the two head back to their hostel room only to find Kadavul waiting for them in it, waving aside this miracle, all three fall asleep. The next morning, Kadavul finally manages to convince Rasu and Mokkai of his true identity after appearing in the forms of Vishnu, Jesus and Buddha.

Arai Enn 305-il Kadavul 2008 Tamil Movie Online Watch in 720p

Release Date: 18 April 2008
Director: Chimbudeven
Casts: Prakash Raj, Santhanam, ‘Ganja’ Karuppu
Quality: 720p HD
IMDb Ratings: 5.4